Hit Rewind: Reviewing The Barkley Marathons Documentary

On the latest Hit Rewind episode, Parker and Cory are joined by FL Runners editor Adair Lyden as they discuss the 2014 documentary, The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young. Check out the gang's review of the movie, which covers one of the country's most insane ultramarathons.

Run of Show: 

  • Synopsis [1:00]
  • First Thoughts [9:00]
  • Would we ever enter this race, and how far would we get? [20:00]
  • Quick facts [23:30]
  • What do we think of the characters? [27:00]
  • What are our favorite scenes? [32:00]
  • How would we have made this documentary more compelling? [40:30]
  • Things we didn't like [44:50]
  • Our overall review of the movie [49:00]

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