Kimberly Harris On Maintaining, Goal-Setting And USC

On the latest Quarantine Questions, Cory chats with Buford's Kimberly Harris on what her spring's been like, and then dives into her future at the University of Southern California. The Georgia teen also talks about her favorite things and moments over her career.


  • What Kimberly Harris has done to adjust to her surroundings [1:30]
  • Who Kim's training with now [3:00]
  • The goals Harris had for 2020 [4:20]
  • Big time trial efforts so far [5:30]
  • Anything left for Kim to accomplish over her career [6:15]
  • Memorable races [7:30]
  • The one race Kimberly would have ran if given the opportunity [8:15]
  • Kim answers from rapid fire questions: including hidden talents, look-a-likes an dmore [10:30]
  • More on USC [14:00]

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