On The Line: The Best Performer In Florida State History

On the latest On The Line podcast, Bryan, Olivia and Cory chat about the latest storylines, including a new 'Who would win this 'What If' girls all-decade 800m?' segment and four new big news items of the week. We also debate which athlete over the Florida state championship series has had the best performance in history. That, and more below. 

Run of Show: 

  • Who's had the best individual performance in Florida history? 
  • Does Florida's new meet schedule make sense?
  • Who would win this 'What If' 800m race featuring an all-decade girls list
  • No. 4 storyline: What we've learned from athletes this week [19:10]
  • No. 3 storyline: An amazing 8th-grader thrower from Canada [24:00]
  • No. 2 storyline: Justin Robinson's incredible 45-second 400m [26:30]
  • No. 1 storyline: Leo Daschbach has been super impressive [29:20]

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