Natasha Hastings Explores Her Growth As An Athlete

Natasha Hastings, an A. Philip Randolph (NY) 2004 graduate, opened up with MileSplit's Olivia Ekpone on how she viewed herself from her peers in the classroom. Hastings also shared the signs she recognized when she realized she needed help with being mentally positive on the track and in her personal life. 

Hastings shares her experience on how she viewed her body:
00:25 -- What were some of the pressures you went through as a high schooler?
1:42 -- Was there anything you felt like you struggled with in particular?
3:22 -- Were you ever teased in high school about how you looked as an athlete?
4:22 -- How do you feel like these thoughts impacted your performance on and off the track?
6:36 -- How did you go about accepting in making those changes to create relationships in a positive manner, with those who were in your class?
8:59 -- So remind me, didn't your mother run for Trinidad and Tobago? 
9:08 --  Has she ever experienced anything similar in high school? 

Hastings shares how she remains positive mentally:
11:33 -- While running at a professional level, how do you maintain all of the pressure and not feel like you're going to explode?
14:10 --  What were some of the signs that you personally went through that you recognized that you needed help from a sports psychologist for track or in your personal life?
16:18 -- How common is it for athletes to have those different resources?
18:00 -- Do you see it more of a challenge to remain positive or having confidence during a workout or at a track meet?
19:02 -- What tips would you have for a high schooler who might be struggling to get through the tough workouts mentally?

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