Katelynne Hart On Training, Racing, Soccer Skills And More

Cory sat down with Glenbard West (IL) senior Katelynne Hart to talk training, her indoor 5K, useful at-home skills during the quarantine and remaining goals for the 2020 season. 

Topics Covered:

  • Will the season be the same, even if you get it back? [1:30]
  • Katelynne talks some training details [2:30]
  • Breaking down the 5K in Boston [4:30]
  • Katelynne talks soccer and juggling [8:00]
  • Refining skills off the track [9:00]
  • What Katelynne loves about Ann Arbor [11:00]
  • End of season plans [11:50]
  • One thing left to accomplish before college [12:45]
  • Katelynne explains what 2020 be remembered by [13:20]

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