Flo Golden South Classic To Be Discontinued

Dear Athletes, Coaches, and the Florida Track Community,

It is with heavy hearts that FloSports has decided to forgo continuing the Flo Golden South Classic.

Originating back in 1977 with major sponsorships from the Sentinel Star and Central Florida YMCA, Golden South has grown into a meet with rich history and community support.

Founders Max Clark, Terry Long, and Jimmy Carnes began this meet with the dream of moving the track capital to Orlando, Florida. They successfully envisioned Golden South to become a vehicle for great athletes with Olympic aspirations.

For the past four years FloSports has produced this meet with great pride and commitment. However, due to a combination of factors and limited sponsorship attention, the difficult decision was made to not continue in 2020 and beyond.

We express our sincerest gratitude to all athletes, coaches, and families who attended Golden South in the past.

Despite this decision, FloSports is still dedicated to providing the track community with the content and live event coverage it deserves.