Track Shack: Leah Pasqualetti Shows MileSplit Around PVP

Orchard Park High School's (NY), Leah Pasqualetti is one of the nation's top pole vaulters. Just this past weekend, Pasqualetti vaulted 14 feet, for a US No. 1 effort at the Trent Jackson/Cedric Walker Invite

In December we caught up with Pasqualetti to film a workout at her club in Warsaw, New York. She trains with the Warsaw Pole Vault Club -- otherwise known as PVP -- in what could possibly be one of the most unique pole vault training facilities in the country. 

The facility resides in a back room from PVP head coach's Mike Auble's garage. Although the room isn't the biggest, Auble's athletes says he makes the most of it. 

"It's a constant exercise in using your space," said Auble as he untied from the wall one of the many pole vault apparatuses that hang down from the rafters of the garage. 

The club has several apparatuses, ranging from rings to various ones that Auble has designed over the years, using things like pulleys and rope to old poles. Each apparatus helps vaulters focus on different parts of the vault. 

In his back yard, Auble has two pole vault runways, which also have lights for vaulting at night.  

Over the years, Auble has trained thousands of kids from across Western New York at the facility, but Leah will be one of the last as he plans on "phasing out" the club after this year. 

Take a look at the facility through our tour with Pasqualetti and check out some photos below. Be sure to check back later this month to see how they use the space in the Workout Wednesday. 

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Above: Pasqualetti runs through what PVP coach Mike Auble calls the "Peter Pan" drill.

Below: Pasqualetti uses the "swing trainer."