Leo Daschbach's Mid Distance Racing Tips

We caught up with Highland High School's (AZ) Leo Daschbach at the end of the 2019 cross country season. We had Daschbach breakdown one of his indoor track races from the 2018-2019 indoor season. We also talked to him about his overall general racing strategy. Check out what he had to say about racing the mile and 800m in the interview above. 

Interview Breakdown:  

00:00 - 00:36 -- The importance of splits when racing for time.
00:36 - 1:08 -- Not worrying about the clock when you're running to win or implement a strategy.
1:08 - 1:50 -- Why the 800m is the best event. 
1:50 - 4:06 -- Leo's racing style and tricks to mental racing. 
4:06 - 4:45 -- How he reacts when a gap opens up in the race. 
4:45 - 5:49 -- When to hit the final gear and why gaps don't matter in his mind.  
5:49 - 6:35 -- Leo's underdog mentality. 

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