Kick of The Week: The Wild Foot Locker West Region Finish

The Foot Locker West Region had a wild finish with the top 10 guys all finishing within three seconds of each other. Check out the finish above and the results below.

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Foot Locker West Top 10 Results: 

1Mateo Althouse11Unattached OR14:53.200
2Charlie Robertson11Unattached OR14:53.300
3Thomas Boyden12unattached UT14:53.401
4Colin Peattie11Unattached CA14:54.402
5Dalton Mortensen11unattached UT14:54.903
6Ignatius Fitzgerald11Unattached MT14:55.100
7Nolan Topper11Unattached CA14:55.204
8Creed Thompson11unattached UT14:55.305
9Ahmed Ibrahim12Unattached OR14:55.400
10Davin Thompson11unattached UT14:55.906