Preseason Training Blog: Katy Cinco Ranch's Heidi Nielson

Heidi Nielson has been crushing cross country and distance running in the Lone Star State since she was a freshman in 2017. But this year the Texan seems to be headed toward much bigger success. A qualifier for Nike Cross Nationals in 2018 and a 2-time finisher at Foot Locker Nationals, Nielson made two USA U20 teams over the past calendar year -- wearing the nation's colors at the IAAF U20 Cross Country Championships and at the Pan American U20 Championships. As a junior, Nielson will challenge for her first Class 6A state title -- the state's toughest division, with talented runners like Brynn Brown, Natalie Cook, and Aubrey O'Connell -- and then will hope to clinch tickets to national meets like she did in 2018. Check out the Houston native's training this preseason. 

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Week 4 (August 26th - September 1st)

Monday, August 26th: 7.5 miles

Today was just a regular run, 7.5 miles with the boys and Sophie. It was a good, chill run.

Tuesday, August 27th: Workout (4.8K + warm-up and cool-down)

Today we did a workout. It was a ladder of 1,600, 1,200, 800, 600, 400, 200. Luckily we got to workout with the boys team, so that helped make the workout faster, yet it felt easier. I felt really good during it. After school I did a short recovery run and rolled/stretched. 

Wednesday, August 28th: 7.5 miles

Ran with the boys again. it was a really fun; I love running with other people, it makes it so much better. We did like 7.5 miles again today!

Thursday, August 29th: Continuous 200s

This morning we did continuous 200s. You run a 200 fast, then a 200 slow for recovery, and continue that, I did 15 and they were all pretty good. I felt like it was a quality workout. After school our team had a dinner, which was really fun!

Friday, August 30th: 7 miles

Another easy run today. I did over 7 miles with the boys team. It was a good way to start the day.

Saturday, August 31st: 5K race (17:55) + warm-up and cool-down

Today was our first 5K meet. The meet was held at Seven Lakes, which is just a few miles from Cinco, so we didn't have to get up too early. The course is basically zigzagging around the fields behind the school. It's a pretty fun race and they do a great job of putting it together. Me and Sophie placed first and second, which was exciting, and I ran a meet record time of 17:55. Overall it was a good meet and the team all hung out afterwards.. In the evening I did a recovery run, plus I rolled/stretched to end off the week.

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Weekly Total: 50

Entire week: I got up to  50 this week! It was a very solid week with some quality workouts and it certainly feels like things are starting to ramp up. I believe this was my highest mileage week ever--with some good workouts mixed in too! I'm really excited for the season to really begin! However, the next serious 5K is the last weekend in September, so I will keep building the base until then. We made another vlog this week so please check it out! Also, this is my final entry so I just want to say a huge shoutout/thank you to all my past and current coaches for helping me to succeed. And thanks to everyone who read this blog!