Preseason Training Blog: Jamestown's Meghan Ford

Jamestown (ND) High School junior Meghan Ford is ready for a massive year in cross country. North Dakota's defending Class A champion in cross country, she scored two outdoor state championships in the 1,600 meter (4:55.24) and 3,200 meter runs (10:38.12) this past spring and was on the cusp of qualifying for Foot Locker Nationals and Nike Cross Nationals in 2018. With her season debut looming close in a few weeks, Ford is focused on training with purpose. Check out what her workouts have been like recently.

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Week 1 (August 5th - August 11th)

Monday, August 5th- 8 miles

We had a storm the night before, so for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to run on a dirt path. After two miles of running (more like sliding) through a bunch of mud at what felt like snail pace, I moved to the road. I ran an average pace of 6:43, but it felt much harder than it usually does. I was definitely having an off day, but Gavin (my teammate) was riding his bike next to me and didn't let me give up after  four miles, even though I really wanted to.

Tuesday, August 6th- 5 mile tempo, lifting, & striders

I met up with some of my team at coach's house for a run. I hadn't thought of what pace I wanted to run until we started running, but it ended up being a tempo ... My average pace was 6:04 and I felt so much better today. After the run, I went to lifting, did some striders, and stretched a ton. 

Wednesday, August 7th- 8 miles

My run was super fun! We started from my coach's house again and ran on the roads. We were hitting 6:35's consistently, but the wind was pretty strong on the way back (typical North Dakota). After the run I did some core work and stretching. 

Thursday, August 8th- 10 miles

Today was split. I ran 7 miles in the morning on some gravel and paved roads. My parents dropped me off in the middle of nowhere and I ran back into town to my house. I ran an easy 6:55 pace and enjoyed not having to do the usual out-and-back run. I wasn't planning on running twice today, but decided to run our cross country course in the evening with a couple teammates and went about 7 minute pace. 

Friday, August 9th- 5 miles, lifting, & speed drills

Today's run was pretty wild. We decided to run as many hills as we could to get to within five miles. You might ask, "Why would you do that?" Good question. I really don't know. I might be crazy. 

We started at 6:45 pace and progressed down to 6-minute pace. With about a mile and a half left, it started down pouring super hard and I couldn't see anything. But it was a good distraction, and it cooled me off. After my run, I went to lifting and did some speed drills with Coach Dietz (my track coach). After I finished, I stretched, drank a ton of water, and took a long nap.

Saturday, August 10th- 6 miles

I got to spend the day with some of my old teammates, Teralyn and Maya! After we got some coffee, Teralyn rode bike next to me while I ran a loop around town. The pace was comfortable at 6:45 per mile. After the run, I did abs, took an ice bath, and stretched.

Sunday, August 11th- 4 miles

Our first official cross country practice is Monday, so today's run was easy (Cross country starts so early in North Dakota). I went 4 miles at 7 minute pace and did some abs and stretching afterward. Later, I rode bike with my teammate, Ben, while he ran 7 miles. I'm super excited for the season to start!

* Ford in 2018 after NXR Heartland

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Weekly total - 46 miles