Georgia Athlete Elija Godwin Impaled By Javelin

Photo Credit: University of Georgia athletics

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University of Georgia sprinter Elija Godwin was impaled by a stationary javelin on Tuesday while completing a backwards sprint drill, according to a report by the Macon Telegraph

Godwin, a Newton High School graduate, was moving backwards when he was impaled by a javelin sitting in a rack. The implement went through his back and punctured his lung, per the report. 

Teammates sprinted to Godwin's side and administrated a bandage before medical arrived. Personnel then had to saw off "the piece sticking out of his back" in order to safely lift him into the ambulance. 

Atlanta, Georgia news station WXIA spoke with Godwin's mother, who said her son went into surgery at Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center, successfully completed surgery and is now in recovery and breathing on his own. 

In a release, the University of Georgia said Godwin will miss the remainder of the spring track and field season but is expected to recover fully.