On The Line, Episode 8: The Season Of Luis Peralta

"I'm trying to break state records. If I find the right race, it's going to happen. If it goes as planned, it's going to happen." -- Luis Peralta

On our latest On The Line podcast, Cory Mull is joined by New Jersey MileSplit editor Robert Kellert and Passaic High School senior Luis Peralta, a University of Oregon signee. Cory and Robert examine the success of Peralta in 2019 and discuss his potential over the remaining weeks, as well as his future at the collegiate and international level. 

Then, Cory takes some time with Peralta to talk about his career, his current season, his future at Oregon and the opportunities that may exist at the international level for him competing for the Dominican Republic -- Peralta was born in the DR. 

Among other things, Peralta diagrams his successes and struggles in races, chats about his motivations beyond high school, discusses the mentors in his life and also his favorite things. Don't miss our latest episode of On The Line

Run Of Show: 

Robert Kellert Interview: 

  • What has Luis Peralta shown so far in 2019 [0:30]
  • Luis' focused plan this season [1:45]
  • How XC prepared Luis for the indoor season [2:40]
  • Luis' efforts in the 600m and 1K as it relates to NJ history [3:40]
  • The difference between Luis' junior and senior seasons [5:00]
  • Scheduling in high school for elite athletes [7:00]
  • Comparing Luis to some of NJ's greats [8:30]
  • Luis signing with Oregon [9:50]
  • The variables that led Luis to Oregon [10:50]

Luis Peralta Interview: 

  • Talking Luis' Millrose win in the 600m [13:15]
  • Classifying his difficult race and his finish [14:30]
  • Luis' success this year as an undefeated runner [15:30]
  • On Luis' plan this indoor season [17:02]
  • On racing this season - Luis talks about his plan for NBNI [18:00]
  • On breaking 1:50 [19:30]
  • Luis on his style of running [20:30]
  • Luis talks his US No. 1 in the 600m [21:30]
  • On his US No. 1 in the 1K at Dr. Sander [22:40]
  • Luis explains his visit to Oregon [23:30]
  • Comparing New Jersey pizza to Oregon pizza [24:20]
  • Luis' biggest goals this indoor season [25:20]
  • On competitiveness [26:30]
"When I'm on the track, I got that adrenaline. I get excited. I just feel good. I'm like, 'Let's go!' 
  • Luis talks about his mentors and inspirations [28:00]
  • On how people see Luis in the hallways [29:00]
  • On his signing day at Passaic [29:50]
  • Talking about enrolling at Oregon [31:00]
"I'm not really nervous. I like adventures."
  • Running and racing in the Dominican Republic for the first time [31:30]
  • On Qualifying for Pan Am Junior Games this spring [32:50]
  • Luis talks about his love of running [33:30]
  • On how often Luis journals his training [34:20]
  • On improvement year over year [35:30]
  • Running at the international level and Luis' long-term goals [37:20]
  • On hitting the Olympic A standard while Luis is in college [38:20]
  • Athletes Luis studies from afar [39:00]
  • Luis talks about social media [40:10]
  • Would Luis Peralta wear Justin Bieber's clothing line [42:00]
  • His thoughts on Supreme [42:40]
  • The influencers Luis follows on Instagram [43:10]
  • What Luis liked about Oregon's Ben Thomas [44:50]
  • On finding the right college coach [45:40]
  • On his most memorable running experience [47:00]

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