Claudia Lane Still Working Back To Full Strength

Two-time defending Foot Locker Nationals champion Claudia Lane is still working back to full health following a string of injuries, the Los Angeles Daily News reported on Tuesday

Lane told the Daily News she's currently working through an IT band injury, which has caused some pain in her knee, and that which has held her out of normal training. As a replacement, Lane has worked through "physical therapy, band workouts and pool sessions." 

Lane has raced just once this season, winning a Citrus Coast League meet on September 11 in 17:59.36. 

Lane's current situation comes after she overcame a "stress reactor injury" that ended her spring track and field campaign. That arrived as the result of inflammation in her foot, she said. 

Now the high school senior is simply trying to get back to full strength with the hopes of possibly running in qualifying for the CIF Championships. Lane has won two straight CIF Division 4 titles. She's also won two straight Foot Locker West Regional championships and is coming off an epic campaign in 2017 where she set course records at Woodward Park in Fresno and Mt. SAC. 

Lane is also going on college visits and told the Daily News that some trips have put her three hours behind, which would mean Lane is looking at East Coast schools. 

"It's been kind of stressful dealing with the injuries, the college visits and the college apps," Lane told the Daily News. "I just want to be healthy by the end of the season." 

Lane says she's past the stress reactor setback, but continues to work through IT band issues and believes it's correctable. 

"I'm planning on strengthening my muscles and not putting as much pressure on my legs," Lane told the newspaper. "I don't want to set a plan until I start running again and doing workouts." 

With four weeks of qualifying ahead in California to reach the CIF Championships, Lane would have to climb a lot of hurdles to make it happen. But at the very least she believes she can be healthy by December, which would give her time for a bid to repeat as Foot Locker Champion.

Qualifying would begin on December 1 and nationals would take place in San Diego on December 8. 

"I hope I can get there," she told the Daily News. "Foot Locker is a fun meet. I don't know if I'll be in good enough shape to win, but I would love to compete." 

Lane said she's appreciated competing more that she's been forced out due to injury. 

"People might be bummed I am not racing, but I want to compete when I am at my best," Lane told the Daily News, "and that will have to be later in the season." 

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