The Scoop: Carmel's Suspenseful 1-Point Win Over FWC

The Ridiculous In-State Matchup That Came Down To 1-Point

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An often heard refrain by cross country coaches is "every point makes a difference." 

But that thought was no truer than this weekend, when the Carmel (IN) High School's girls eked out a 1-point win over Fort Wayne Carroll at the Riverview Health FlashRock Invitational on the Northview Christian Church course on Saturday. 

Final score: Carmel 45, Fort Wayne Carroll 46.

What a race. 

Every runner's performance made a difference for the Greyhounds, from Phoebe Bates' win in 18:09.25, to Lindsey Roper's and Jamie Klavon's back-to-back finishes in sixth-and-seventh, to Alivia Romaniuk's 14th place crossing to Brooke Waldal's 17th place nod. Carmel would have won in displacement, too, as Abby Parker finished 19th and Lily McAndrews was 22nd. 

All those performances made a big difference, because Fort Wayne Carroll certainly put on a show, too, finishing its 1-2-3 all before Carmel's second runner. The Chargers, who put together a 52-second spread, even had their fourth in before the Greyhounds. Carmel, however, ran better overall, averaging 19:17 across its top seven. 

Early on, this transitioned from another early season race into a battle for supremacy in Indiana. Zionsville Community, not to be forgotten in this season-long race, was third with 78 points -- meanwhile, West Lafayette, which raced at Trinity/Valkyrie, also ran well this weekend. 

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FlashRock Invitational Girls Team Results

1Carmel High School451+6+7+14+17 (19+22)1:37 1-5 Split | 19:17 Avg
2Fort Wayne Carroll High School463+4+5+11+23 (37+41)0:52 1-5 Split | 19:27 Avg
3Zionsville Community High School789+10+12+20+27 (30+31)0:42 1-5 Split | 19:44 Avg
4Fishers High School908+13+18+25+26 (29+33)0:39 1-5 Split | 19:48 Avg
5Guerin Catholic School1642+21+34+47+60 (80+87)2:46 1-5 Split | 20:21 Avg

Cole Hocker Puts On Monster Performance In Boys Race

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It wasn't as close in the boys race. 

Because there's little doubt who the top dog in the Hoosier State remains to be in 2018. 

That honor should go to Indianapolis Cathedral senior Cole Hocker until proven otherwise. The veteran raced to a winning time and US No. 5 effort of 15:02.73, extending a lead early and holding on. 

The win comes just two weeks after an impressive showing on the state course in Terra Haute on Sept. 1. 

Hocker, ranked No. 18 on the MileSplit50, remains one of the more talented runners in the country. 

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FlashRock Invitational Boys Results

1Cole Hocker12Indianapolis Cathedral High School15:02.731
2Jesse Hamlin12Fort Wayne Snider High School15:43.692
3Brennan Butche12Mississinewa High School16:01.380
4Quinn Gallagher12Guerin Catholic School16:02.743
5Calvin Bates12Carmel High School16:06.824
6Ryan Pehlman12Indianapolis Cathedral High School16:10.655
7Milan Jones12Pendleton Heights High School16:14.266
8Luke Upton12Pendleton Heights High School16:14.317
9Jesus Garcia10Zionsville Community High School16:16.278
10Patrick Campbell12Carmel High School16:17.459