Camren Fischer Final Training Blog: Race Week


Sunday (8/19)-- This week I'm aiming to get 45 miles to continue my steady buildup. So, I did an 11-miler this morning at a 6:45 pace with my team's assistant coach who likes to run with us. I ran at the Hogs' home course AGAIN which can be pretty repetitive.

Monday (8/20)-- Today was just a normal run. I ran seven miles at a 6:55 pace. Nothing special about this run just used to rejuvenate the legs.

Tuesday (8/21)--  Today was another regular run; we have a time trial tomorrow so I just did six miles at a 7:00 pace.

Wednesday (8/22)-- Today was our first real workout of the year. It was a 5K time trial that served as a tempo run. I started off by doing a two-mile warmup, then did my dynamic warmups and then stretched. We started the time trial at the Hogs' home course (where the Chile Peppers run)  and I hit 5:15 per mile which came out to be a 16:00 5K. Then I did a two-mile cooldown and stretched with the team. I'm overall pleased with how my first temp run went because I felt a lot stronger than I anticipated.

Thursday (8/23)--  Today was just a recovery run to try and get our legs flushed some. I got a nice six miles in at a 7:10 pace.

Friday (8/24)-- Today I had another tempo run but on the city trails this time instead of grass. I got seven miles total for the day. I started off with two warmup miles at 7:15 pace, then once I hit the two-mile marker I ran into three straight miles of tempo at a 5:30 pace. Once I finished my third mile of tempo, I went back into a pace of 8:00 to finish off with two miles back to the school.

Saturday (8/25)-- Had a nice little off day today