Camren Fischer Final Training Blog: Race Week

Week 3

Sunday (8/12)-- Sunday long run, I went and ran a 9 miler at a 6:45 pace on the Hogs home course to get that soft surface in. This upcoming week I'll be getting in 40 miles so I'm on that steady build up!

Monday (8/13)-- Today was just an easy run day and our first day of school. So we had practice after school and ran a 6 miler at a 7:10 pace. Always need a recovery run for every hard run you do.

Tuesday (8/14)-- Today we did a traditional run we do every year that we call "Woolsey" because that is the name of the street that we turn around on. Woolsey is a 7 mile run with 13 hills throughout it. It's one of our tougher runs of the season and a great one to get some good hill work in on. Usually, we'll go at a much faster pace than we did today but we hit a 6:50 pace for this run.

Wednesday (8/15)-- Today was somewhat of a recovery run but not really. It was just a flatter route we took today because of yesterday. We averaged a 6:55 per mile since we're still getting in those base miles.

Thursday (8/16)-- Today was just a normal run that consisted of 6 miles at an easy 6:50 pace just to keep up the base miles.

Friday (8/17)-- Today was a slightly different run, I went out at a 7:00 pace for 3.25 miles, then on the way back I hit 6:20-25 miles to get my stride a little longer and the legs moving pretty well. I also did 10x 10-second hill sprints when I got back to work on power.

Saturday (8/18)-- Got a nice lil off day today