Camren Fischer Final Training Blog: Race Week

Fischer getting announced as part of the south region team at the 2017 Foot Locker National Championships

Sunday (8/5)-- Long run Sunday, today we went eight miles on the Razorbacks home cross country course for the Chile Pepper, roughly seven-minute pace.

Monday (8/6)-- Team practice day. We met at Wilson Park and got in an easy six-mile run at 6:55 pace. Dominique Scott ran with us again today; it's always great when she comes because she's super fun to be around and we get to pick her brain for tips and tricks that she's learned.

Tuesday (8/7)-- Today we ran again at the Hogs home cross country course because it's just a really good spot for us to get some softer surface running. We only did four today at a 6:55 pace, but it did feel a little more labored than usual because our legs are starting to get heavy.

Wednesday (8/8)-- Today we had practice in the middle of the afternoon to get us ready for when school starts because we have practice as our last period versus other schools who have it first. We did a six-mile progression run and I went at it pretty aggressively, starting at 7:00, then 6:40, 6:22, 6:11, 6:03 and finished on 5:44. Then we did some barefoot strides on the football field to flush the legs and build up some lower leg strength.

Thursday (8/9)--  Today I took off because we decided we're going to run with Dominique on Saturday. We typically take Saturdays off but since Dom asked us to run with her we decided otherwise.

Friday (8/10)-- Team practice day. We ran in the afternoon again when it was about 90 degrees out, just got an easy five-miler in at a 6:55 pace.

Saturday (8/11)-- This morning me and about eight other guys from the team met up with Dom to run an easy six-miler around lake Fayetteville at a 7:00 pace, then we did 10 hill sprints afterward to work on power and strength.