Camren Fischer Final Training Blog: Race Week

Fischer running the 5K at the Texas Distance Festival

Week 1:

Sunday (7/29)-- Long run Sunday. I'm only supposed to get 30 miles in this week for my buildup, so I got a nice seven-mile run in on a dirt road at 6:52 pace. We (the team) have just been getting in easy base miles.

Monday (7/30)-- Team practice day. Five miles on the trails at 7:02 pace. We had Dominique Scott, a professional runner for Adidas join us for this easy run since she's based out of Fayetteville. Afterward, we had our strength routine with the trainer working on leg stability and core work.

Tuesday (7/31)-- Four miles at a 7:10 pace for a super slow and relaxed easy run. Our team only meets officially three times a week so it's up to us to get in runs on "off" days. It's typically the top 10 guys on our team that I'll run with on these days.

Wednesday (8/1)-- Team practice day. We ran six miles at a 7:08 pace, then we had the team trainer workout again afterward at the high school, mostly leg strength and core work today.

Thursday (8/2)-- Four miles today at an easy 7:18 pace. I ran with my usual group of guys today on the trails in Fayetteville.

Friday (8/3)-- Team practice day. Five miles at a 7:00 pace. But it was actually a short progression run where we started the first mile super easy at a 7:22 and then dropped 10 seconds off each mile after that.

Saturday (8/4)-- Rest day. Probably one of the more important days in our training schedule. I can definitely tell that we've been hitting runs good and consistently since my legs are a little sluggish today.