Summer Training Blog: Valor Christian's Cole Sprout (Week 4)

Week 4

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Monday, August 20

Forty-five-minute run on the AlterG treadmill. Average pace was 6:18ish and most of the run was at 66-90 percent body weight and my leg felt much better. Besides being on the treadmill the run was pretty enjoyable.

Total miles: 7

Tuesday, August 21

First day back doing a regular run. Coach only had me do 30 minutes easy (6:26 pace) with some surges at the end just to see how I felt, and my IT band actually felt better today than running it did on the AlterG the day before. Surges didn't seem to irritate it as much as I thought they would've.

Total miles: 4.7

Wednesday, August 22

Forty-five-minute run with 20-second surges (two-mile-5K race effort) every four minutes after one-mile warmup. Average pace was 6:12 and my leg felt even better today which was awesome (even with the surges). 

Total miles: 7.31

Thursday, August 23

Forty-minute easy run at High Line Canal. The pace was around 6:24 and felt strong. All the stretching, adductor strengthening, and rolling seem to be already paying off.

Total miles: 6.25

Friday, August 24

Forty-five-minute easy/steady run at Grigs. Focused more on effort than pace today, and my leg felt good on both the uphills and downhills. Today was the team's first race (Mountain Vista two-mile), and they did great. Girls placed fourth and guys were eighth with a team of all underclassmen. Coach didn't race me to let my IT band rest for a couple more weeks but it was kind of nice to just watch a meet for once.

Total miles: 6.96

Saturday, August 25

Fifty-five-minute long run. Instead of just going straight back into an 80ish minute long run, coach and I decided that easing back into my mileage was the best idea. The pace was 6:18 and for the most part, I felt really good.

Total miles: 8.64