18 Russians Cleared To Compete As Neutral Athletes At U20s

Eighteen Russian athletes were cleared to compete as neutral athletes at the IAAF U20 Championships in Tampere, Finland, in July after the IAAF Doping Review Board approved the application of 33 Russian athletes for international competition in 2018. 

This announcement--stemming from Rule 22.1(b)--came despite a standstill for many athletes from the Russian national federation, who remain suspended as a result of a country-wide doping program. Since December 2017, the IAAF has issued a process for applying for eligibility to compete as a neutral athlete for international competitions. 

So far, a total of 58 Russian athletes have been declared eligible to compete as authorized neutral athletes, while 44 applications have been denied, per the IAAF. 

Since an application process has been applied, the IAAF has received more than 182 applications from Russian athlete to compete as neutral athletes. 

Authorized Neutral Athletes In Finland For U20s: 

  • 22 June 2018 - IAAF World U20 Championships and European U18 Championships: Oleg Braiko (jumps), Viktoriya Gorlova (long jump), Maria Kochanova (high jump), Elena Kulichenko (high jump)
  • 22 June 2018 - IAAF World U20 Championships: Diana Adasko (triple jump), Ilya Dolbin (pole vault), Aleksei Fadeev (high jump), Aksana Gatauillina (pole vault), Elizaveta Kamenets (combined events), Stepan Kekin (combined events), Aleksei Kislitsa (discus), Polina Knoroz (pole vault), Polina Miller (sprints), Nikolay Orlov (javelin), Alina Sharkova (400m hurdles), Anastasiia Shkuratova (hammer), Olga Viktorova (400m hurdles), Valentina Ulianova (high jump)