Teams With Most Depth At The Mile Returning In 2019

Last week we looked at national-level distance teams which return the most depth at 3200m. But while that overview may account for depth at the 3-mile or 5K distance over the cross country season, we should also see if things change when adjusting the variable to the 1600m.

Closing speed certainly separates a good athlete from a great athlete, and in terms of the team perspective, having that kind of depth will make a difference on the cross country course, too. 

In the slideshow we took at the top boys and girls teams with the most depth in the 1500m and 1600m returning in 2018-2019. 

Check out the rankings to see if your squad made the list. 

Boys 1600m Depth - Boys 1500m Depth - Girls 1600m Depth - Girls 1500m Depth