After Big 1500 In Portland, Brodey Hasty Explains His Season

Just 20 days after the opening race of his 2018 campaign, Brodey Hasty was closer to his finish than to his start.

And to be sure, it was a weird and wild ride.

It had been a whirlwind few weeks for the recent Brentwood (TN) graduate, who had planned on opening his racing schedule in Boston in early May at the adidas Dream Mile, though he later adjusted and instead chose to stay at home in Brentwood, celebrating a hallmark moment: His high school graduation. 

About a week later, a tune-up in Atlanta began what would take the Oregon signee into a series of races, five in all, moving him across the country to stints in Eugene, Nashville, Seattle and then Portland. 

A sub-4 mile attempt at Hayward Field came up short, but a decision to move on to the 3K at the Music City Distance Carnival in Nashville a week later yielded him the No. 2 outdoor time in high school history. He ran 8:00.92 behind a handful of pacers, taking the last two laps on his own. 

From there, Hasty flew to Seattle -- albeit colder and harsher than the warm conditions in Tennessee -- where had planned to race in a 1500m with a group of pros, though he later took another U-turn after that field scratched and entered into the 800m. 

Hasty executed on the race, scoring the fastest time of his career in 1:52.98 -- and in doing so, competed against the only high school athletes he would face all season, finishing seventh. Then he paced the boys' 2-mile through 700 meters. 

But that was only another blip on his schedule and soon enough the Tennessee native was on a train headed to Portland for a professional meet featuring collegiate and professional athletes. He ran a near PR in the 1500m, going 3:43.77, a converted mile time of 4:01.60.

With only New Balance Nationals Outdoor ahead of him, Hasty's senior season was fleeting, a mere 20-plus days, but in it, a few weeks of fast races and unforgettable moments. 

FloTrack caught up to Hasty after his 1500m race at the Portland Track Festival and dived into the season that was. 

- - - 

FloTrack: First of all, you've had a really busy last couple of weeks. What's that been like? 

Brodey Hasty: Well, I came off a little thing. And I came back. It's almost like the beginning of the season in a way. And even though it's the beginning of the season, it's also coming up on the end. So this last week has been great. I'm excited. I have a few more races coming up. And then I'm going to be done. 

Today's race. How did it play out for you. It was a pretty tough field. 

Yeah. My intent was to get out well and I did that. To stick with them and I did that. And I don't know exactly what happened. I think the second lap was a small bit off. But either way, it brought me through really well. It just came down to a kick. I was confident I could work with these guys and stay up there. 

The time you ran at the Music City Distance Carnival, the fast 3K, No. 2 all-time (outdoors). Looking back at it now, what worked well for you in that race?

Just the knowledge of the way I've been training. And that I was confident I could do it. I could come out there and do it. It was a confidence boosting. It was pressureless thing. No one really even knew I was running it until the day of, which was kind of funny. 

Has it been talked to manage the races, choose what races to do. Not having a high school season. Go here, go here. 

Actually, I think you would be surprised. It actually takes off a lot of pressure. Sometimes it's better to go to a race on short notice that you're excited to do, over doing something you've been planning for a really long time that you're not really excited for. And so, having these race opportunities. I had the opportunity to come out here and race these. Even if it's short notice, if I'm excited to do it, it's better. 

What's your racing schedule look like the rest of the way? 

We're still looking at that. Next week is New Balance Nationals Outdoor out in North Carolina

Are you going to have a chance to take a shot at the sub-4? 

I'm doing the DMR. A team race. 

Down the line, are you going to get a chance to run the mile? 

We'll see. Maybe not. But if not, I'm happy with my times. If so, I guess we'll see if I could do. 

It's not something like 'I need to get this. This is the most important thing.' 

I never go down that route. You'll start fixating on it and that just makes it harder. If an opportunity comes up and I'm excited for it, I'll probably do it. But for right now, we don't have anything set up. 

Is that a mindset that's kind of evolved as you've been in high school, to not necessarily fixate on times? Or were you always like that? 

Sometimes you're running for a time. But if the race doesn't present it, it makes it really challenging. I would say part of that is learning not to fixate on it. But another thing is. It just makes it challenging if you're thinking specifically for the mile. Because then you end up not setting up 2-miles and 800s and things like that. I would rather have fun and do other events if the mile wasn't necessarily setting up and I have to make something work. 

Did you get a chance to go to Eugene for the NCAA meet at all and see your future team? 

No, I was at Brooks PR on Friday. I took a train down from Seattle to here on Saturday. 

How many miles are you racking up? All this travel. It's pretty crazy. 

A lot, but I love it. I love to travel. To get out of the south. It's really warm and muggy down there right now. Hey, it's raining and it feels like 65. I'm from Utah where it snows. This is great. 

What are you most excited about joining Oregon's squad? 

Just having some guys I can really chase after even in training. I think that's so beneficial, to have people you can key off of in workouts and races. You're doing workouts with guys and you're doing just about the same thing they are. But if you're not racing as well as them, then mentally you're like, 'All right, I can be there.' So I'm excited for that.