Debate: Who's The Most Consistent High School Sprinter Ever?

* Photo by Alan Versaw

- - - 

If you had to pick, which high school sprinter would you choose? 

Keep in mind: This isn't a question of all-time fastest, but rather who has been the fastest consistently, all-time. Isn't that more important, after all? 

Is it national record holder Trentavis Friday? Is it all-time Florida record holder Jeffery Demps? What about 200 meter studs Michael Norman or Tyreek Hill

Or have you watched and seen enough of Anthony Schwartz over the last two seasons to give the recent American Heritage graduate an honor such as this? 

The answers are in the numbers. And I'll tell you who it is. 

For argument's sake, I kept this question to these five athletes below. I did not include Trayvon Bromell, who is currently the only high school athlete to ever break 10 seconds in the 100m all conditions--while he's been really fast over his lifetime, he wasn't as consistent as these athletes in high school. The same goes for US No. 3 all-time at 100 meters, J-Mee Samuels, or anyone before the year 2000. This question is hard to qualify if wind gauges weren't as readily available as they are today. 

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