Superintendent Pooped On New Jersey High School Track Daily

He's a mystery pooper no more. 

Thomas Tramaglini, 42, the superintendent of Kenilworth Public Schools in New Jersey, was arrested by Holmdel police on Monday after he was caught defecating at the Holmdel High School track, according to

Tramaglini reportedly lived just three miles from the oval and was caught just before 6 AM on Monday.

He was just finishing up his morning run.

No motive was given, but perhaps Tramaglini was angered by Holmdel's opening day high school football win in September over Brearley, the primary high school of the Kenilworth school system. 

It all started with one poop, according to reports, but then Holmdel track and field coaches began to find Tramaglini's releases on a nearly "daily basis" and decided to put a priority on stopping this fly-by poop-slinger. 

According to, Tramaglini was booked with "lewdness and littering." The superintendent has reportedly taken a leave of absence from his post, which awards him a $147,504 yearly salary. 

The Mad Pooper from Colorado is still on the loose. 

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