MileSplit LIVE Replay: Hot Takes And Outdoor Analysis

The MileSplit LIVE crew comes back after a two-week hiatus and breaks down the third update of the MileSplit50, recaps some big meets, throws some hot takes into the fire, and previews the weekend to come on the MileSplit network. 

- - - 

0:10: Awkwardly welcoming in the crew to MileSplit LIVE

1:00: The MileSplit Week 3 was released and what we're seeing with outdoor

3:30: Which athlete outside the top five on the MileSplit50 has had the best season thus far? 

8:41: Which athlete outside the top 5 on the MileSplit50 girls rankings has had the best thus far?

13:30: What was the most impressive meet or performance from the weekend? 

18:00: If you're given the opportunity to run for your HS team or run unattached, what would you do if you're a senior? 

22:00: Can Katelynne Hart challenge Katelyn Tuohy in a 1- or 2-mile race in 2018? 

25:00: Can anyone stick with Anthony Schwartz in the 100m?

27:53: Previewing the Hamline Elite Meet in Minnesota

30:28: Discussing the Gator Invitational 

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