Kick of The Week: Two Big Kicks At Bojangles Track Classic

There were two great kicks this past weekend both worthy of the kick-of-the-week honors. Both races came from last weekend's Bojangles Track and Field Classic in Columbia, South Carolina. 

The first kick came from the fast heat of the boys mile. Anton Idhammar from Cary, North Carolina, and Brent Bailey from Ocean Lakes, Virginia, went down to the wire in the sixth and final heat of the boys mile.

With less than 100m to go, Bailey looked to be falling behind and getting outrun by Idhammar, as well as Hilton Head's (SC) Joshua Williams and Philip Simmons (SC) Noah Ward. Then down the final home stretch, Bailey had an amazing final kick pulling up next to Idhammar, who had pulled away a little before 100m to go. Bailey passed Idhammar practically at the line to take the win. Both guys ran 4:18 but Bailey came away with the win by a hair. 

1Brent Bailey12Ocean Lakes4:18.486
2Anton Idhammar11Cary4:18.526
3Joshua Williams12Hilton Head4:19.986
4Noah Ward9Philip Simmons4:20.966

The other big kick was from the girls 4x400m relay on Saturday night. In the final heat Cuthbertson's (NC), Dahlia Cutler got the baton around 50 meters behind. She slowly worked her way up gaining ground on Hillcrest's (SC) Zahria Jones. With 200m to go Cutler hit the gas hard to make up a large amount of the ground. Then down the home stretchCutler pulled up next to Jones in the final 20 meters of the race and eventually past to take home the win.  

2Cuthbertson High School3:57.241
4The St. Michael School4:01.231

In the end, Cuthbertson finished second and Hillcrest third as the team from Providence (NC) took the win running 3:56.88 from the sixth heat.

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