David Oliver Hurdle State Champion Training: Week 2

David Oliver's State Championship Hurdles Training Program

David Oliver is a 110mH world champion and Olympic bronze medalist. Oliver won the 110mH 2013 Moscow World Championships running 13.00 and placed third in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Oliver has run the fourth-fastest all-time mark in the 110mH of 12.89 and holds a PR of 7.37 in the 60mH. Oliver is now the director of track and field at Howard University. 

Oliver has designed a nine-week training regimen to try to help you become a state champion based on his experiences both training and coaching. Each week, we will release a seven-day block of running workouts, warmups, drills, and recovery for you to follow as you strive to become a champion hurdler. Click the links below to see his week two training plan and this week's warmups and drills. 

Week 2 - Drills and Warm Up's