MileSplit's Picks For New Balance Nationals Indoor

The guys here at MileSplit have opinions on which athletes we believe to be favorites at New Balance Nationals Indoor.

But then we have to pick the winners, too. 

Below, we make our bold predictions for each event at New Balance. 

Check out our picks, and let us know what your thoughts are as well. 

- - -

Boys Field

racecorybryantraviStrentkyle D
B 60Austin Kratz xAustin Kratz xAnthony SchwartzAnthony SchwartzA. Schwartz
B 60HEric Edwards xEric Edwards xEric Edwards xEric Edwards xK. Garland x
B 200Tyrese Cooper xEric AllenEric AllenEric AllenE. Allen
B 400Tyrese Cooper xBrian HerronBrian HerronBrian HerronB. Herron
B 800Al Chawonza xK. Bachmann xAlfred Chawonza xKeaton Jones xA. Chawonza x
B 1 MileCole Johnson xScott Thompson xDustin HorterDustin HorterS. Thompson x
B 2 MileBrodey HastyRyan Raff xAlex Maier xBrodey HastyB. Hasty
B 5KChad JohnsonChad JohnsonChad JohnsonChad JohnsonC. Johnson
B 4x200DeMatha x Bullis x Bullis x DeMatha xBullis x
B 4x400East Orange xEast Orange xEast Orange xEast Orange xMotor City x
B 4x800Loudoun ValleyLoudoun ValleyNorthportxLoudoun ValleySt. Benedict'sx
B 4xmileLoudoun ValleyLoudoun ValleyLoudoun ValleyLoudoun ValleyLoudon Valley
B SMRMotor City xMotor City xSt. Benedicts xMotor City xMotor City x
B DMRLoudoun Valley xLoudoun Valley xNorthport xLoudoun Valley xLoudoun Valley x
B SHROscar SmithOscar SmithEast Orange xOscar SmithOscar Smith 
B HJNate Patterson xMayson ConnerNate Patterson x Mayson ConnerM. Conner
B PVKC Lightfoot xKC Lightfoot xKC Lightfoot xKC Lightfoot xKC Lightfoot x
B LJDonovan Louis xDonovan Louis xDonovan Louis xDonovan Louis xConnor Artman x
B TJJequan HoganKevin Snyder x Kevin Snyder xKevin Snyder xK. Snyder x
B SPTrey Knight xJosh Sobota xJosh Sobota xTrey Knight x Patrick Larrison
B WTTrey KnightTrey KnightTrey KnightTrey KnightT. Knight
B PenKyle GarlandKyle GarlandAyden Owens x Ayden Owens xK. Garland
B 1M RWHunter Brignall xNolan Allen xJordan Crawford xHunter Brignall xH. Brignall x
Mix 4x400Bullis x Bullis xBullis xBullis xBullis x
Total Correct: 8861010

Girls Field
racecorybryantravistrentkyle d
G 60 Tamari DavisTamari DavisTamari DavisTamari DavisA. Steiner
G 60HTia JonesEmily Sloan xEmily Sloan xGrace Stark xE. Sloan x
G 200Abby Steiner x Abby Steiner xLTT xTamari DavisAshley Seymour x
G 400Arria MinorArria MinorArria MinorArria MinorA. Minor
G 800Esther Seeland xAthing Mu G. Wilkinson xG. Wilkinson xE. Seeland x
G 1 MileKatelynne HartVictoria Starcher xMarlee Starliper xMarlee Starliper xM. Starliper x
G 2 MileKatelyn TuohyKatelyn TuohyKatelyn TuohyKatelyn TuohyK. Tuohy
G 5KJackie GaughanBrooke Rauber xGrace Ping xJackie GaughanG. Ping x
G 4x200BullisBullisBullisBullisBullis
G 4x400BullisBullisBullisBullisBullis
G 4x800Troy xPadua Academy xPadua Academy xPadua Academy xTroy x
G 4xMileUrsuline x Ursuline xUrsuline xPatriot Athletics xUrsuline x
G SMRMotor City xMotor City xNorth Rockland xMotor City xMotor City x
G DMRSaratoga Springs xSaratoga Springs xNorth RocklandNorth RocklandN. Rockland
G SHRWestern Branch xWestern Branch xWestern Branch xWestern Branch xW. Branch x
G HJJenna Rogers xAnna HallAnna HallJenna Rogers xNyagoa Bayak x
G PVReagann Leleux xReagann Leleux xNatassja CampbellReagann Leleux xR. Leleux x
G TJJasmine MooreJasmine MooreJasmine MooreJasmine MooreJ. Moore
G SPVeronica Fraley xShelby Bigsby xShelby Bigsby xVeronica Fraley xPayden Montana x
G WTGianna Rao xGianna Rao xGianna Rao xGianna Rao xG. Rao x
G PenAnna HallAnna HallSterling Lester xAnna HallAnna Hall
G 1M RWTaylor EwertTaylor EwertTaylor EwertTaylor EwertT. Ewert
Total Correct: 111010118

Overall Winner

Trent: 21
Cory: 19
Kyle: 18
Bryan: 18
Travis: 16