Mansfield Lake Ridge Coach Lauren Jones On Technology For Coaches

Lauren Jones is the head coach of the Mansfield Lake Ridge Eagles in Texas. Jones has coached for over 15 years. Last year, her team made it to the University Interscholastic League (UIL) 5A state championship and finished second. One of her top athletes is junior Jasmine Moore, who holds both the freshman and sophomore class triple jump national records. We caught up with Jones while shooting a workout with Moore and the rest of the Eagles. We talked to her about both the positives and negatives of technology for track athletes and coaches. 

Key Points:
:00 -- Why technology helps, and what makes it important in training
:39 -- Coaches eye app  
1:18 -- Positives of Twitter/social media 
1:52 -- Negatives of Twitter/ social media
2:50 -- Reviewing the practice footage