Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas By MileSplit And FloTrack Staff

Gatorade Prime Energy Chews ($1.65 for single packet):
These are my go-to long run energy chews. I have to admit, I haven't been going on a ton of long runs lately, but when I do these add a nice little boost. I pop them in around eight miles on a 12-15 mile long run and they help get me through those last few miles. They fit right in your running shorts pocket and no matter how warm they get they won't melt or stick in to your pocket. They are fairly cheap and can be found in almost any grocery and convenience store across the country.   

Brooks Levitate ($150): 
In college (Bryan went to Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, and he continues to tell anyone who asks, 'I was an All-American!), I ran in the Nike Pegasus and I was sold on that shoe. But as everyone knows, shoe companies constantly tweak the design of their shoes. As of late, I haven't been the biggest fan of the new Pegasus design and fit. It might be because I'm a few years out of college and a few pounds heavier, but the shoe hasn't had the same fit. I've been looking for a new shoe that fits comfortably and correctly. The Brooks Levitate have been that shoe. These have been comfortable and formed nicely to my foot, I would recommend them for any runner on your list!

- Bryan Deibel, MileSplit USA