The Top 10 Freshmen Women To Make An Impact At NCAAs

With the 2017 NCAA Division I Championships right around the corner on November 18 in Louisville, Kentucky, there's sure to be some epic finishes from some of the best athletes in the country, including experienced veterans who have competed in this race a time or two.

But don't overlook some extremely talented freshmen entering the ranks for the first time. 

In the women's field, in particular, FloXC No. 1-ranked New Mexico will have to rely not only on their veteran athletes to help steer the ship, but also a superstar freshman in their midst. 

The same goes for more than a handful of teams in the top 25, including No. 6 North Carolina State, No. 7 Arkansas, No. 8 Boise State, No. 15 Penn State, No. 17 California, and No. 18 Iowa State. 

The list goes on. 


Freshman women will have an important role in this year's NCAA Championships, as they always do. They could be the difference makers. 

Click on the slideshow to find out the top 10 women who will play vital roles for their teams on November 18. 

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