A Homecoming Proposal That Won A Young Runner's Heart

Nathan Edwards was looking for a way to be creative.

In this day and age, he thought, you have to. 

Perhaps, then, what better way to ask a potential homecoming date to the dance then at the very place where they share miles on weekdays and weekends? 

The Red Land (Pennsylvania) High junior, who set his sights on asking freshman Abby Caron, decided on popping the question at a local cross country meet on Sept. 9, writing on a white poster board, "I would be XCited if you ran to hoco with me!" 

"I was trying to think of some cheesy saying, because that's what you've got to do, and I thought of the sign and went out got it all together a few days before," Edwards told RunnersWorld.com. "After our big invitational, basically in front of the entire state of high school runners, I was there holding my stuff when she crossed the finish line."

Caron saw the sign at the finish line and lit up. 

"She was really shocked and didn't expect it at all," he said. 

And, of course, she said yes. 

So here's to being creative and finding the best way to ask your date to homecoming.