Summer Training Blog: West Central's Derick Peters

Watch out for Derick Peters in 2017. The rising senior at West Central High in South Dakota finished the 2016 cross country season as his state's Gatorade Cross Country Athlete of the Year. He competed at both the NXN Heartland Region, where he finished 31st, and Foot Locker Midwest, where he was 32nd, and won his first state title in South Dakota, posting a time of 15:37.67. Peters also went 14:57.18 at the Lennox Invitational in September, breaking 15 minutes for the first time in his career. He's quietly emerging as a national talent from the Midwest. Peters' hopes likely hinge on qualifying for NXN and/or Foot Locker to finish out his senior season. In the meantime, check out his weekly training as he prepares for the beginning of the season.


WEEK 2 (August 14-20)

Monday:  10 miles easy -- two 5-mile runs at 6:57 and 6:31 pace

In the morning I had a nice out-and-back run with the team. We incorporated eight 30-second pickups at about 5K race pace into the middle of it. The run wasn't anything strenuous, but it got pretty warm. In the afternoon, it was another out-and-back run. It was really hot, but when I turned around the wind cooled me down a ton.

Tuesday:  7 miles -- 4x100m strides at 5:00 pace + 6x1000m repeats at 4:35-4:40pace with 2-minute walk rest + 1x400 ALL OUT + 1 mile warm-up and cool-down

This was my second major quality workout and it was a ROUGH day. Splits were slow. I ran them on a gravel road with some good hills. My splits were 2:59, 2:57, 3:01, 3:02, 3:07, and 3:09. Like I said, it wasn't my best day. The weather was overcast, cool, and windy. On the bright side, my ALL OUT 400m was 58 seconds, so it wasn't a complete loss. My final thoughts on that one: not entirely impressed with myself.

Wednesday: 5 miles at 7:52 pace

I ran super relaxed. The whole team was extremely sore, so everyone took it incredibly easy. I really tried to recover for Friday's workout since yesterday didn't go well. Nothing felt good. My legs still felt like jello.

Thursday10 miles -- two runs, the first at 7:06 and second at 6:25 pace

I had two 5-mile runs. My legs were starting to feel looser on the morning run, so I tried to pick it up a bit to really shake things out. Then in the afternoon, I felt relatively fresh, so I just ran. It wasn't strenuous or anything out of the ordinary.

Friday10 miles -- 4x100m strides at 4:45 pace + 6 mile tempo at 5:20-5:40 pace + 1 mile easy+ 4x200s with 200m jog + 1-mile warm-up and cool down + bonus 5-mile shakeout in the PM

Tempo day! It was essentially the same workout as last week's tempo run, but today went in the exact opposite direction than Tuesday. I felt amazing as I started my warm-up mile at 7:30 pace and then hit my strides. I did my tempo run on a 3-mile gravel loop. My splits were 5:35, 5:32, 5:29, 5:22, 5:17 and 4:55. I still felt strong in the easy mile at 7:13 pace and the 4x200s. I tried to do exactly what I did last week where I relaxed and just let the legs go to work. I ran a 29, 29, 28, and 28. Finally. I cooled down barefoot in the wet grass for a mile without my watch. This workout helped me get some confidence back after Tuesday.

Saturday: 13 mile long run at 6:44 pace

I ran 13 miles for my long run this week! It went by significantly faster than I expected, and truth be told, I ran an extra 400m to make sure I would run my first half-marathon! It felt nice to get out of Hartford. It was foggy and cool with a slight breeze. Similar to last week's long run, this one started out a bit slower at about a 7:45. However, this week's last mile was a bit quicker, at about a 5:30 mile.

Sunday: OFF DAY!  
For an off day, I was awfully busy! In the end, I think I got the needed rest and that's what the important part is.

Total Mileage: 55

Overview: The beginning of the week was a definite struggle. But after some rest and a little bit of pace in my easy runs in the middle of the week, I rocked my tempo and long runs to finish out the week. My goal for next week is to focus and be more consistent on my major quality workout and keep up the energy throughout my training.

By Derick Peters l West Central High, South Dakota