Chris Tracht Aims For T44 World Record At Texas Distance Festival

Chris Tracht is just a freshman at Southlake Carroll (Texas) High, but he's already chasing world records. Born with a partial impairment to his left leg, Tracht wears a prosthetic from his knee down to help him run, which falls under the T44 impairment classification.

That hasn't held him back in the slightest.

On Saturday, Tracht will chase the T44 Paralympic world and American 1500m record live on MileSplit at the Texas Distance Festival in Southlake.

Already this season Tracht has run 4:57.19 at the Texas A&M High School Indoor Classic and 4:56.80 Dunamis Sports Group Prep Classic, both in the full mile. Those times both convert to just over the current T44 1500m world-record time of 4:33.46. Tracht's mile time from A&M converts to a 4:35.26 for 1500m and 4:55.47 for 1600m while his Dunimas time converts to 4:34.9 for 1500m and 4:55.08 for 1600m.

Although the world record is 4:33.46, the American record -- which was also held by a Texan, James Roland Ortiz -- is set at 4:29.04, due to there not being as many stipulations on achieving the American record.

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Chris's Personal Records
  • 1 Mile (Indoor) -- 4:56.80
  • 3200m -- 10:31.16
  • 5K (XC) -- 18:02.61