Toad On The Road Asks: How Good Is Mondo's 19-1?

Armand 'Mondo' Duplantis, of Lafayette High in Louisiana, broke his own national record in the pole vault on Saturday at New Balance Nationals Indoor! His 19 foot, 1 inch mark gives him the national record in Sweden and puts him 7th in the world right now. Can anyone in high school, in any event, meet that jump when you convert the performance?

MileSplit associate producer Billy (Toad) Cvecko went around the Armory in New York asking folks what they thought was equal to his effort.

You'd be surprised by the answers! What are your thoughts? 

According to the IAAF, these are similar conversions in each event based on Duplantis' record-breaking mark. 

Reference Guide

PV: 19-1
LJ: 27-5.25
TJ: 57-3.50
HJ: 7-8.25
SP: 70-8.5
600: 1:15.18
800: 1:45.44
1000: 2:16.67
1500: 3:35.91
1-Mile: 3:53.94
2-Mile: 8:16.49
200: 20.46
400: 45.40
55: 6.07
60: 6.49
55h: 6.99
60h: 7.47
300: 32.01
500: 59.62

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