Watch The Yale Track Classic Live On FloTrack

On 1/20-1/21, the Yale Track Classic will be live streamed on FloTrack. This event, along with all FloTrack streams will be available to MileSplit Universal subscribers. This adds to MileSplit's impressive lineup of over 80 events live this indoor season. Event schedule below.

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1:00PM Connecticut Girls 300m Dash
1:30PM Connecticut Boys 300m Dash
2:00PM Connecticut Girls 4x800m Relay
2:25PM Connecticut Boys 4x800m Relay
2:55PM Girls 4x200m Relay Schools Under 600 Girls
3:30PM Boys 4x200m Relay Schools Under 600 Boys
3:55PM Girls 4x800m Relay Schools Under 600 Girls
4:35PM Boys 4x800m Relay Schools Under 600 Boys
5:05PM Connecticut Girls 4x400m Relay
5:25PM Connecticut Boys 4x400m Relay Large Schools - L, LL
5:45PM Connecticut Boys 4x400m Relay Small Schools - S, M
5:55PM Girls 4x400m Relay Schools Under 600 Girls
6:30PM Boys 4x400m Relay Schools Under 400 Boys
6:40PM Boys 4x400m Relay Schools 400-600 Boys
6:55PM Connecticut Girls DMR
7:10PM Connecticut Boys DMR
7:20PM Girls DMR Schools Under 600 Girls
7:40PM Boys DMR Schools Under 600 Boys
8:30PM Girls DMR Schools Over 600 Girls
8:45PM Boys DMR Schools Over 600 Boys
9:00PM Girls 4x400m Relay Schools over 600 Girls
9:20PM Boys 4x400m Relay Schools 600-800 Boys
9:30PM Boys 4x400m Relay Schools Over 800 Boys
9:40PM Girls 4x800m Relay Schools Over 600 Girls
10:05PM Boys 4x800m Relay Schools Over 600 Boys
10:25PM Girls 4x200m Relay Schools Over 600 Girls
10:40PM Boys 4x200m Relay Schools Over 600 Boys


7:35AM Girls 3000m (Section Nine)
7:50AM Girls 3000m (Section Eight)
8:05AM Boys 3000m (Section Twelve)
8:20AM Boys 3000m (Section Eleven)
8:35AM Boys 3000m (Section Ten)
8:50AM Boys 3000m (Section Seven)
9:00AM Boys High Jump: Top 15 Entries
9:05AM Girls 3000m (Section Six)
9:20AM Girls 3000m (Section Five)
9:35AM Boys 3000m (Section Nine)
9:51AM Boys 3000m (Section Eight)
10:03AM Boys 3000m (Section Seven)
10:15AM Boys 3000m (Section Six)
10:27AM Girls 3000m (Section Four)
10:42AM Girls 3000m (Section Three)
10:57AM Boys 3000m (Section Five)
11:09AM Boys 3000m (Section Four)
11:21AM Boys 3000m (Section Three)
11:33AM Girls 3000m (Section Two)
11:48AM Girls 3000m SEEDED SECTION
12:03PM Boys 3000m (Section Two)
12:15PM Boys 3000m SEEDED SECTION
12:30PM Boys 55m Hurdles Trials
Girls 55m Hurdles Trials
Boys 55m Dash Trials
Girls 55m Dash Trials
Girls 55m Hurdles Semis
Boys 55m Hurdles Semis
Boys 55m Dash Semis
Girls 55m Dash Semis
Boys 55m Hurdles Finals
Girls 55m Hurdles Finals
Boys 55m Dash Finals
Girls 55m Dash Finals
2:00PM Girls 1 Mile SEEDED SECTION
2:05PM Girls 1 Mile (Section Two)
2:15PM Boys 1 Mile (Section Two)
2:20PM Girls 400m (64.0 Entry Cutoff)
2:45PM Boys 400m (54.0 Entry Cutoff)
3:15PM Girls 800m (2:28.0 Entry Cutoff)
3:35PM Boys 800m (2:03.0 Entry Cutoff)
4:05PM Girls 1 Mile (All Other Sections)
4:30PM Boys 1 Mile (All Other Sections)
5:00PM Girls 4x200m Championship
Boys 4x200m Championship
Girls 4x800m Championship
Boys 4x800m Championship
Girls 4x400m Championship
Boys 4x400m Championship