Is Kate Murphy On The Verge Of Something Historic?

2012-13 was the year of Mary Cain.
2013-14 was the year of Alexa Efraimson.
2014-15 was the year of Grant Fisher.
2015-16 was the year of Drew Hunter.
2016-17 will be the year of Kate Murphy.

Lake Braddock's Kate Murphy is heading into her senior year with unprecedented track credentials. 

4:07.21 1500m, third U.S. Prep All-Time (1500/1600/Mile)
9:10.51 3000m, eighth U.S. Prep All-Time (3000/3200/2 Mile)

During the 2016 track season, Murphy joined Cain and Efraimson as the only non-seniors with a top-eight U.S. prep all-time mark in both the 1500m/mile and 3K/two-mile.

U.S. High School All-Time Top Eight:


1. Mary Cain (Junior)
2. Alexa Efraimson (Junior)
3. Kate Murphy (Junior)
4. Christina Aragon (Senior)
5. Elise Cranny (Senior)
6. Katie Rainsberger (Senior)
7. Ella Donaghu (Senior)
8. Jordan Hasay (Junior)

1. Mary Cain (Junior)
2. Katie Rainsberger (Senior)
3. Alexa Efraimson (Junior)
4. Kim Mortensen (Senior)
5. Lynn Bjorklund (Senior)
6. Bethan Knights (Senior)
7. Aisling Cuffe (Senior)
8. Kate Murphy (Junior)

Both Cain and Efraimson went pro before their senior year, meaning Murphy will be the fastest eligible prep runner ever to enter her final season. While Cain and Efraimson's marks will be tough to chase, Murphy will have an entire senior season to do so, something the other two gave up for a pro career.

As for current high school challengers, Murphy was undefeated last year on the track (1500m and up) against returning U.S. preps. Her lone loss was in her off event, the 800m, to Rachel McArthur at the Virginia state championships. 

The question now is can Murphy translate her impressive track times to a successful cross country finish?

Of the 11 girls in the top eight not named Murphy, only two have non-top two finishes at Nike Cross Nationals/Foot Locker: Christina Aragon (28th at NXN) and Bethan Knights (36th at NXN).

- Aisling Cuffe (1st at Foot Locker)
- Jordan Hasay (1st at Foot Locker)
- Kim Mortensen (1st at Foot Locker)
- Alexa Efraimson (1st at NXN)
- Katie Rainsberger (1st at NXN)
- Mary Cain (2nd at NXN)
- Elise Cranny (2nd at NXN)
- Ella Donaghu (2nd at NXN)
- Christina Aragon (28th at NXN)
- Bethan Knights (36th at NXN)
- Lynn Bjorklund (N/A)
- Kate Murphy (TBD)

Murphy was only 16th at NXN last year.  But with the company she is in, it is more than likely Murphy will have a top two finish in her senior year.