Woodbridge Course Preview!

Today Billy ran the Woodbridge course not once, but twice to pick up the lay of the land. He might have been just a little off Spencer Dodds' 2015 winning time of 14:24.30, but he did pick up some tips you may want to think about before running the course this year.

    - Extremely flat course with absolutely no hills or changes in elevation.

    - The corral about 1.2 miles into the course will be the toughest part due to loose gravel. Watch your footing!

    - Beautiful, well-kept grass is the surface for the first 1.2 miles of the course.  This grass is very well-maintained and is about as short as golf course fairway grass. Will help contribute to fast times!

    - With about 800-600m to go, you have to run about 200m on a cement road. Cement roads and XC spikes were never my favorite combo. I would recommend hugging either side of the road to avoid cement if possible.

    - The last 300m-200m is around a turf soccer field. The final curve rounds into a 150m straight shot to the finish line -- aka approximately 150m of cheers and glory.

    - It gets windy out there!

    - There are several areas throughout the course with electrical boxes in the ground, so be care not to trip or slip on those during your race.

     - Expect some significant wear and tear on the course by the time it gets to the Sweepstakes races on Saturday night. There will be roughly 48 races run on the course over the next 48 hours.

    - Have fun and don't be intimidated of the fast pace because you're going to run fast on this wicked flat course in the beautiful California sunset.

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