Pro Runner Races Solar Car in Brussels Diamond League 600m

By Gordon Mack for FloTrack

Nicholas Kipkoech of Kenya faced some unusual competition at today's Diamond League meet in Brussels: a solar-powered car.

The two battled it out over 600m in a man vs. machine showdown. Kipkoech owns a 1:15 PR in the 600m, but the car can reach top speeds of up to 68 mph according to the manufacturer, Punch Powertrain Solar Beam.

Although this might seem like a clear mismatch, the solar-powered car is designed for ultra-long distances (specifically, the World Solar Challenge, a nearly 2,000-mile race) and it can't hit top speed right out of the gate.

But in the end, the well-engineered solar car prevailed -- it clocked a time of 1:13.11 to Kipkoech's 1:16.70.