Saucony Flo50 Pre-Season Girls XC Team Rankings Countdown

Is 2016 the year that Saratoga Springs takes down nine-time NXN champions Fayetteville-Manlius? The New Yorkers face off each other at the state championships and NXN Northeast Regionals before meeting in Portland for the big show.

The Blue Streaks return their entire top seven from the squad that placed fourth at nationals in 2015. Top runner Kelsey Chmiel placed fourth at NXN last year as a freshman and will contend for the national title. 

Probable Top Five

Kelsey Chmiel SO - 3rd at NY state meet, 3rd at NY Federation Champs, 2nd at NXN NY, 4th at NXN, 17:15.4 5K XC PB, 16:59.6 3 mile XC PB, 9:35.63 3K PB, 4:23.81 1500m PB, 6th in two mile at NBNO 2016

Peyton Engborg JR - 20th at NY state meet, 16th at NY Federation Champs, 13th at NXN NY, 66th at NXN, 18:19.15 5K XC PB, 17:34.44 3 mile XC PB, 10:07.51 3K PB

Paris Fenoff SO - 29th at NY state meet, 14th at NY Federation Champs, 18th at NXN NY, 74th at NXN, 18:14.24 5K XC PB, 17:39.06 3 mile XC PB, 10:05.23 3K PB, 4:42.26 1500m PB

Alex Delnicki SO - 41st at NY state meet, 43rd at NY Federation Champs, 37th at NXN NY, 104th at NXN, 18:50.54 5K XC PB, 17:52.85 3 mile XC PB, 

Amelia Mahoney SR - 64th at NY Federation Champs, 85th at NXN NY, 131st at NXN, 18:20.8 5K XC PB, 17:57.76 3 mile XC PB, 10:42.02 3200m PB, 4:33.6 1500m PB, 2:10.38 800m PB

Top Returnees by 5K Time from 2015 XC Season

2*Saratoga Springs (NY)397
1) Kelsey Chmiel17:15.402
2) Paris Fenoff18:14.2477
3) Peyton Engborg18:19.1589
4) Amelia Mahoney18:20.8095
5) Ciara Knott18:31.44134
Average Time: 18:08.21 Total Time: 1:30:41.03 1-5 Split: 1:16.04
6) Alex Delnicki18:50.54250
7) Caroline Starace18:51.10257

*Saratoga Springs ranks #2 in the nation

Top Returnees by 3 Mile Time from 2015 XC Season

5*Saratoga Springs (NY)636
1) Kelsey Chmiel16:59.6025
2) Peyton Engborg17:34.4493
3) Paris Fenoff17:39.06119
4) Alex Delnicki17:52.85185
5) Amelia Mahoney17:57.76214
Average Time: 17:36.74 Total Time: 1:28:03.71 1-5 Split: 58.16
6) Caroline Starace18:00.84240
7) Ciara Knott18:01.76249

*Saratoga Springs ranks #5 in the nation

Top Returning 3K Times from 2016 Outdoor Track Season

1*Saratoga Springs (NY)75
1) Kelsey Chmiel9:35.632
2) Amelia Mahoney9:59.768
3) Peyton Engborg10:07.5114
4) Paris Fenoff10:08.0015
5) Ciara Knott10:28.6836
Average Time: 10:03.92 Total Time: 50:19.58 1-5 Split: 53.05
6) Caroline Starace10:40.2465
7) Hunter Vonahn10:41.1268

*Saratoga Springs ranks #1 in the nation

Top Returning 1500m Times from 2016 Outdoor Track Season

1*Saratoga Springs (NY)208
1) Kelsey Chmiel4:23.812
2) Amelia Mahoney4:33.6011
3) Paris Fenoff4:42.2632
4) Alex Delnicki4:49.5770
5) Samantha Vetter4:51.8293
Average Time: 4:40.21 Total Time: 23:21.06 1-5 Split: 28.01
6) Madeline Tooker4:53.37108
7) Peyton Engborg4:56.46157

*Saratoga Springs ranks #1 in the nation

The top returning times were generated using the MileSplit XC Team Scores calculator found here. Teams are scored against every team in the nation. Girls in New York state typically run the 3K and 1500m, instead of the 3200m/1600m.