Saucony Flo50 Summer Training Blog: Noah Affolder

Week 4: 8/8-8/14

Week four: Had a solid week of training. Next week we start doing doubles every day before school starts.

Monday: 15 minute warm up with 11 hill sprints: 5 short, 2 long, 4 short. Great workout with the guys! 

Tuesday: 15 minute warmup. 12 minute tempo on the Carlisle track, 90 second rest, 12 minute tempo, 90 second rest, 17 minute tempo. 15 minute cool down on a grass field.

Wednesday: early morning run with the older brother! It felt great to see him and go on a run with him! 
2 hours later, Isaac Kole (our 3rd runner) and I ran for 50 minutes on the hilly roads around his house.

Thursday: 1 hour of pick up basketball. One of my teammates and I were pretty unstoppable in a couple games of speed! 70 minute normal run. Afterwards we did 6 hill sprints. 

Friday: 45 minute regular run. It was really hot out and uncomfortable.

Saturday: 2 mile warm up. 5 mile race: the race plan was to give the first place guy a 10 second lead for the first mile and then try to real him in. Didn't work and got second in 26:27 with 85% humidity and "real feel" around 95 degrees at 8:30 a.m.. 2 mile cool down...

Sunday: 25 minute run. 35 minute lift session.