Saucony Flo50 Summer Training Blog: Seth Hirsch

Week 2: 7/18-7/24

Had another solid week of training this past week. Was 80 degrees and extremely humid for most of the morning runs and almost 100 for most of the afternoon runs but it didn't seem to limit my training too much. Hit 74 miles for the week.

Monday- 8 miles at 540 pace around the lake by my house with some strides on the track at the end. My legs were still a little heavy from the race a few days before. In the afternoon I did 6 kilometers pretty easy on the xc course.

Tuesday- 8 miles around the lake at 545 once again with 6 100 meter strides at the end. My legs felt really fresh but I made sure to hold back a little. 25 minutes on the elliptical in the afternoon to shakeout the legs and add a little mileage without pounding the legs.

Wednesday- 9 miles at 540 through some neighborhoods and around the lake. Got some good hills in during the run, but the humidity made the last few miles pretty tough. Hit the treadmill in the afternoon to make sure I got a good easy 3 miles to recover and get out of the heat.

Thursday- 8 miles around the lake at 545 with 6 100 meter strides. My Tuesday and Thursday runs are very similar and I usually try to hold back a little on these days. In the afternoon I biked 9 miles.

Friday- Did my first real hill workout of the year. Did a 3 mile warmup and then an 800 meter hill 4 times. One of the harder hills we do. I tried to stay around 5 min pace on the way up and around 540 pace on the way down. Averaged about 520 pace for 3.5 miles which was a little faster than I expected but I had my teammate John Quigley push me for the first couple which got the pace going from the start. In the afternoon I did 4 miles at 540 pace.

Saturday- Drove to Lincoln to run with a new running club in Nebraska.
Did a 12 mile out and back long run at 540 pace. Was a really nice flat, limestone trail and I had one of my former competitors Wyatt McLeod bike by me which made it a lot more enjoyable. Stairclimber for 25 minutes in the afternoon to get a little cross training.

Sunday- 9 miles at 540 pace in the morning, legs felt very strong. In the afternoon I biked another 9 miles.

Was once again a really good week of training with some tough running weather. Won't build my mileage a ton more but will try to maintain around 75 for another 4-6 weeks.