Saucony Flo50 Summer Training Blogs: Nevada Mareno

Week 2: 7/17-7/23

All of my runs this week I did at Emerald Isle! I had planned to wake up early before the heat hit each day to get my run in but that only lasted for one day ahaha. After Monday, I put off all my runs until the evening and ran at dusk- it was beautiful!

7/17, Sunday:
Rest Day
Drove to the beach today

7/18, Monday:
Regular Run
34min at 6:35 pace. There is literally not a single hill on this island so it's easy to get going a little too fast. I generally run along a paved bike path that stretches about 10miles of the island.

7/19, Tuesday:
Regular Run
42min at 6:40 pace

7/20, Wednesday:
Regular Run
25min at 7:30 pace down on the beach. This was horrible and resulted in many blisters. lol lesson learned! I stopped at the house to grab my shoes and band-aid my feet then did another 20min at 6:40 pace on the bike path.

7/21, Thursday:
Regular Run
45min at 6:40 pace

7/22, Friday:
Regular Run
40min at 6:40 pace

7/23, Saturday:
Long Run
51min at 6:45 pace

me in my beloved shark bite suit