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Kate Murphy Anchors Lake Braddock To Nation-Leading 4x800m!

The Penn Relays DMR champions in Lake Braddock High School proved they can run a nasty 4x800m relay on Friday night, as they clocked a new U.S. No. 1 time of 8:57.61 to win the Virginia Group 6A North Region Championship.

The Bruins took the lead at the first exchange and never looked back, even with defending champions (and 2015 Penn Relays DMR champions!) Patriot breathing down their backs. Kate Murphy, who split 4:37 for the 1600m anchor at Penn, anchored the Bruins home with a 2:06 split. Lake Braddock's time is the second-fastest in Virginia state history, behind only Western Branch's 8:52.38 to win New Balance Nationals Outdoor in 2014.

Rachel McArthur split 2:08 on the anchor leg for Patriot, who would finish runners-up in 9:05.84, the seventh-fastest time in the nation this year.

Watch the race video below:

Girls 4x800 Meter Relay
 1 Section  - 1,2,3,4 and 5 will be in the outside alley
        Meet: ! 9:03.04  5/28/2015   Patriot High School, Patriot High         
                         C Garcia, C Jones, S Biber, R McArthur            
    6A State: S 9:40.90                                                        
   6A Region: R 9:53.30                                                        
    School                                               Finals 
  1 Lake Braddock  'A'                                  8:57.61! 
  2 Patriot High School  'A'                            9:05.94S 
  3 Westfield  'A'                                      9:17.51S 
  4 South Lakes  'A'                                    9:20.81S 
  5 West Springfield  'A'                               9:21.96S 
  6 South County High School  'A'                       9:27.11S 
  7 McLean  'A'                                         9:32.69S 
  8 West Potomac  'A'                                   9:33.50S 
  9 James W. Robinson  'A'                              9:42.20R 
 10 Hayfield Secondary School  'A'                      9:45.06R 
 11 Oakton  'A'                                         9:45.86R 
 12 James Madison  'A'                                 10:06.84  
 13 Chantilly  'A'                                     10:09.91  
 14 Osbourn Park  'A'                                  10:10.00  
 15 Battlefield  'A'                                   10:36.52  

Murphy and McArthur would have another head-to-head battle in the 1600m, which Murphy won, 4:48.22 to 4:48.81. 

1Kate Murphy11Lake Braddock4:48.222
2Rachel McArthur11Patriot High School4:48.812
3Sara Freix12Westfield5:04.242
4Shannon Browning11Lake Braddock5:05.002
5Kyla Carte12Battlefield5:07.312
6Sonya Butseva12Lake Braddock5:09.492
7Caroline Augelli12James W. Robinson5:09.502
8Chloe Tran10Fairfax5:13.631
9Louisa McPherson11South County High School5:14.391
10Riley Specht9South County High School5:20.751
11Lindsay Yentz10Patriot High School5:20.781
12Caroline Howley9McLean5:21.771
13Nicole Re9Chantilly5:22.491
14Abigail Wied11Patriot High School5:23.512
15Rachel Green10Oakton5:23.911
16Megan Howard12Patriot High School5:35.851
17Waverly Schnetzler10Osbourn Park5:41.761

Murphy also won the 800m over Reagan Bustamante, 2:10.08 to 2:10.2.

1Kate Murphy11Lake Braddock2:10.083
2Reagan Bustamante12West Springfield2:10.203
3Samantha Schwers10Lake Braddock2:13.063
4Ameena Benselloum11Westfield2:14.222
5Golden Kumi-Darfour12South Lakes2:14.232
6Michaela Purdy12Langley2:14.463
7Olivia Beckner10South Lakes2:15.443
8Sierra Biber11Patriot High School2:15.803
9Brooke Hagen11James W. Robinson2:16.542
10Kira Buttrey10Oakton2:16.903
11Kyla Carte12Battlefield2:17.473
12Emily McArthur9Patriot High School2:17.843
13Lia Hanus11James W. Robinson2:18.571
14Olivia Duston10Herndon2:19.032
15Chase Kappeler9Hayfield Secondary School2:19.061
16Grace Okoroafor12Westfield2:19.252
17Emma Ager11Lake Braddock2:20.882
18Madison Tippet11Lake Braddock2:20.902
19Ashley Campbell12Hayfield Secondary School2:21.101
20Shannon Browning11Lake Braddock2:21.102
21Madeline McAvoy10Lake Braddock2:22.231
22Myah Bassett12Patriot High School2:25.571
23Bowman Shaughnessy9West Potomac2:27.142
24Ella Weaver9Patriot High School2:28.201

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