Gear Geek: Wave Catalyst By Mizuno

Wave Catalyst by Mizuno:

9.4oz Men's

8.0oz Women's

2016 marks the return of Mizuno's light weight stability shoe. Runners who found the original Wave Elixir to be their go-to shoe will find the similarities in the new footwear. 

The Catalyst follows the standard Mizuno formula- the midsole is a firm responsive ride with features that hold up to durability but compromises comfort. The Catalyst offers a touch of stability for feet that have a light over-pronation. There is a combination of the Wave in the heel with the firmer midsole and runners will notice that touch of support under the foot.  Although not as stable as the Inspire, runners can use this option in tempo or speed workouts.

The engineered mesh on the Wave Catalyst is more accommodating to a large foot volume. The long laces allow for the shoe to really lock the foot in, but run long to the ratio of the shoe and will need to be double knotted to prevent stepping on. 

The 10mm drop of the Wave Catalyst is designed to put the foot in a more natural position when striking the ground, although I found the heel to be a bit bulky when picking up the pace and moving through the midfoot.