Florida High School Runner Asks Boy With Autism To Prom

The feel-good story of the day goes to Mikal Bartosik, who asked her friend Jonathan to the prom in an adorable video posted on the high school track star's Twitter account.

Bartosik went into the special education classroom and asked Jonathan, who is on the autism spectrum, if he would like to go to the prom with her, as written with icing on a cookie cake. In the video taken by Bartosik's friend, Jonathan jumps for joy in response and screams in excitement. She asks, "So does that mean yes?"

According to My Palm Beach Post, Bartosik started hanging out with Jonathan at lunch at Park Vista High School, and became friends with him. When she learned that none of the special education students had attended last year's prom, she decided to ask Jonathan.

"I've already gone to two proms," she said. "I wanted him to have the same feeling."

"Personally, I think this is going to be the most special prom for me because I'll be making someone else happy," she said.

Bartosik is a star athlete at Park Vista who competes on the cheerleading team and the track team, specifically the 100m hurdles and the 300m hurdles. She finished 12th in the 100m hurdle preliminaries of the 2015 FHSAA Outdoor State Finals.