Top Six Songs We're Running To This Week

The author, Jojo, downloaded the new Rihanna album - ANTI - today while it was still free. One song made the cut here.

I love running to music.

Some may call it sacrilege and that's okay with me.

It happens to everyone eventually -- you're used to sharing daily miles with chatty teammates and one day, you find yourself on a solo venture. Sometimes that's fine. But sometimes I really don't want to hear myself hyperventilate and the thought of being alone in my head makes me want to cringe.

I still find my stride in quiet, thought-filled runs -- or, of course, ridiculous story-swapping runs with friends. But there's plenty of times when a little music is just what I need to get out the door.

Here is a list of a few ear jams I ran to this week. Take a few ideas for your next solo run. Better yet, let me know -- what songs did you run to this week? Leave a comment below or tweet us @milesplit!