National Weekend Rundown for November 14

NXN Midwest Regional (IN)

Davis Over Veatch, Sandburg Defends Title As Illinois Proves Dominant

No. 7 Jon Davis Outlasts No. 4 Ben Veatch; Sandburg Boys Defend Title

The No. 2 ranked Sandburg boys defended their title in perhaps the toughest NXN regional on Sunday afternoon, scoring their highest point total this season (120) to finish just 20 points ahead of No. 24 ranked Neuqua Valley and 30 points ahead of bubble team Lyons Township.

No. 5 Lafayette of Missouri placed fourth (210 points), which may still be enough to garner an at-large bid. But the overall takeaway from regional results proved Illinois' depth as out-of-state ranked teams finished out of national contention in No. 9 St. Ignatius of Ohio (seventh, 239 points) and No. 20 Carmel of Indiana (sixth, 239 points).

At the front of the pack, No. 4 ranked Ben Veatch of Carmel set the pace with a 4:40 opening mile and 9:39 split for two miles. The senior held control until the final mile, when Illinois state champion Jon Davis took the lead and never looked back. He would finish in 14:59.9 and Veatch in 15:01.3.

M 5,000 Meter Run - Finals
1Davis, Jon12Oakwood High School14:59.90--
2Veatch, Ben12Carmel High School15:01.301
3Harding, Isaac12Rockford15:08.502
4Aho, Jack11Grayslake Central High School15:08.70--
5Kern, Charlie12York High School15:09.103
6Torpy, Sean12Sandburg High School15:11.304
7Beadlescomb, Morgan12Algonac15:18.50--
8Hindman, Austin11Lafayette (Wildwood) High School15:23.605
9Naeger, Ben11Ste. Genevieve High School15:25.40--
10Law, Brayden12Homestead High School15:25.50

Team Scores
1Sandburg High School1204+14+20+24+58 (67+70)1:04 1-5 Split | 15:44 Avg
2Neuqua Valley High School14015+19+28+34+44 (47+52)0:22 1-5 Split | 15:53 Avg
3Lyons Township High School1508+17+23+42+60 (188+229)0:46 1-5 Split | 15:52 Avg
4Lafayette (Wildwood) High School2105+9+33+38+125 (150+179)1:23 1-5 Split | 15:57 Avg

Judy Pendergast Dominates As Controversy Stirs In Team Battle

Judy Pendergast followed last weekend's Detweiller Park course record with another all-time-best performance at LaVern Gibson, where she clocked a dominating 30-second win and new course record in 17:00.6 for 5K. The battle for runner-up honors was more heated, as Anna West of Lafayette edged edge No. 24 ranked Sarah Leinheiser, 17:28.2 to 17:28.6.

The team standings were not so clear. While the No. 10 ranked Centerville girls of Ohio won the team title, there is controversy about whether Pendergast's Naperville North (ranked No. 6) or the unranked Northville (MI) girls took second for the final auto bid to NXN. Read more about the girls team scoring controversy here.

F 5,000 Meter Run - Finals
1Pendergast, Judy12Naperville North High School17:00.601
2West, Anna12Lafayette (Wildwood) High School17:28.202
3Leinheiser, Sarah11Carmel High School17:28.603
4Troy, Madison10Grandville17:29.10--
5Buck, Alex12Pendleton Heights High School17:33.504
6Payne, Lindsey10Glenbard West High School17:38.805
7Long, Jocelyn10Barrington High School17:45.306
8Gigandet, Morgan10Troy17:48.907
9Wilson, Brooke11Prospect High School17:49.908
10Kettel, Sarah12Capital Homeschool17:50.40--

Team Scores
1Centerville15017+24+29+36+44 (62+90)0:18 1-5 Split | 18:41 Avg
2Naperville North High School1571+14+37+41+64 (71+76)2:13 1-5 Split | 18:25 Avg
3Northville15713+32+34+35+43 (123+183)0:38 1-5 Split | 18:38 Avg
4Carmel High School1633+12+21+23+104 (112+151)2:10 1-5 Split | 18:29 Avg
5Yorkville High School18515+31+42+45+52 (80+157)0:40 1-5 Split | 18:47 Avg

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