IAAF World Youth Championships: Meet Team USA!

Sammy Watson

What are you looking forward to most about the trip?

Competing, I love to race.

How did it feel to receive all the sweet Team USA gear?

It's so nice and it was all free, it's cool being able represent my country at only 15.

What have you been doing to prepare for the meet?

Tempo runs and eating well, lots of peanut butter and hydrating.

What’s life like at the training camp?

I wasn't there in Lisle with them but currently it feels unreal, to be in a foreign country and competing against the rest of the world. The coaches are helping us prepare very well and it's raising my confidence a lot going into the meet.

What are your goals going into World Youth?

Come in the top 5 in the 800m and improve my current PR.

Have you done any international MileSplit stalking of athletes you will be going up against?

I haven't but I know my rank going into the meet, it would be crazy to win a world championship and I think I can do it.